पूजाका सबै सामग्री अब घरसम्मै

Dar Khaney Din

Traditionally Dar Khaney Din is scheduled as an enormous feasting day on the eve of Teej. The main food as Dar includes rice porridge, yogurt and meat, but these days a variety of food is also served which is rich and nutritious. The feast lasts until midnight, after which a strict 24-hour fasting starts. 

Dar Khaney is generally hosted by the male figures for the women of the family. Women get together with their daughters, sisters, sisters-in-law and other relatives for the food party. In recent times, Dar Khaney has become a popular practice. Weeks before the arrival of Teej, women begin to organise “Dar” parties. 

As celebrating Dar prepares women for a whole day of fasting, eating small frequent meals rather than eating in large amounts in long intervals is recommended. Keep your health in mind while celebrating Teej this year. Happy Teej!