पूजाका सबै सामग्री अब घरसम्मै

Gosaikunda Snanan

Gosaikunda Snanan is a major event for Hindu religion as on this day thousands of devotees go to Gosaikunda Lake for a holy bath. Gosaikunda is one of the holiest lakes of Nepal. Located at an altitude over 4380 meters above the sea level, the name Gosainkunda, comes from Gosain which means Lord and Kunda, a holy pond. It is believed that this lake holds much importance as it was created by the Trisul of Lord Shiva. 

According to hindu mythology, Lord Shiva swallowed the Halahal poison which appeared during the Samudra Manthan. Upon the consumption of this poison, Lord Shiva started turning blue, alarmed by the rapidly spreading poison into Lord Shiva's body Goddesses Parvati entered Shiva's throat in the form of Mahavidya and controlled the spreading of poison confining its effect only to his throat. Ever since then, Lord shiva was called as Nilkantha, who after intaking poison sought shelter under the cold water of Gosaikunda Lake. Because Lord Shiva sought shelter in the lake, it is considered to be holy and the tradition of taking a holy dip every year started.  

Gosainkunda is believed to be a place which must be visited once in a lifetime. The journey to Gosaikunda lake for holy dip starts from the month of Jestha. Number of devotees bathing in the holy shrine of Rasuwa, Gosainkunda, is expected to increase day by day from Jestha till the date of Dashami. There is a religious belief that bathing, giving alms, and offering Tarpan in Gosainkunda will assist ancestors to liberate and achieve salvation. These holy dips will also assist to get rid of the sins committed for life and fulfill their desires.