पूजाका सबै सामग्री अब घरसम्मै

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jb-Shahi/Krishna Jeera (कृष्ण जीरा) 100g

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jb-Shahi/Krishna Jeera (कृष्ण जीरा) 100g


₨ 1.00 ₨ 210.00 210.0 NPR

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    - Shahi jeera's scientific name is Bunium Persicum and it is native to Central Asia and Northern India where it is widely used for adding flavour to rice and meat.
    - It has milder flavour than cumin but is rich with a sweet, floral tone, used whole the seeds adds a nuttiness to your dish.
    - Shahi Jeera or bunium persicum are a type of spice used while making masalas or spice-mixes owing to its stronger flavor (relatively to cumin seeds), for e.g. garm masala.

    - The seed of a Shahi jeera is longer, thinner and darker in colour as compared to plain cumin seeds or jeera.
    - It can be spread into breads, biscuits and cakes while baking or steamed with rice varieties for it's flavor.

    - Shahi/Krishna Jeera 100g of packet.


    - It is recommended to add shah jeera at the end of cooking process as simmering on heat for longer periods of time may cause its flavor to turn bitter.

    - Toast the seeds briefly either in oil or dry roast in a heated pan before adding to recipe.


    - It is best to store shah jeera in an air tight dry container in a cool dry place.

    - If you stored it well, it's aroma can last up to six months.

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