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kr-Betel Nut/Tukra Supari (टुक्रा सुपारी 4 टुक्रा) 200g

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kr-Betel Nut/Tukra Supari (टुक्रा सुपारी 4 टुक्रा) 200g


₨ 1.00 ₨ 315.00 315.0 NPR

₨ 1.00

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    Betel nut is the nut that comes from a plant called Areca. It is sometimes used to make medicine.Betel nut is chewed alone or in the form of quids, a mixture of tobacco, powdered or sliced betel ingredients.


    - Betel nut is rich in nutrients; especially alkaloids like arecoline, arecaine, Arecaidine, choline, guvacine, guvacoline, gallic fatty acid and tannins.

    - Betel nuts are also traditionally used to prevent bad breath and phlegm.
    - Chewing betel nut is used to stimulate appetite and increase saliva flow for digestion.

    - Betel nuts include antioxidants which help to avoid cellular degeneration within the older ones.

    - Betel nuts could be chewed just before traveling to avoid vomiting sensation.


    - Betal Nut is used in the fresh form, as well as in the dried form, and the nut can be boiled or roasted.
    - The taste of the betel nut is warm and acidic, and mixes well with all spices. Men, women, and adult regularly consume the quid to enjoy its health benefits.

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